Brett Farrell Dip Hypnotherapy Reiki Master Dip. Ego State Therapy Dip. Nat. Therapies. Spirit Release Therapist Author

Brett Farrell
Dip Hypnotherapy
Reiki Master
Dip. Ego State Therapy
Dip. Nat. Therapies.
Spirit Release Therapist

Do you experience
Depression, a feeling of  worthlessness?
Post traumatic stress, anxiety attacks?
Does happiness evade you?

Do you want to
Stop smoking?
Lose weight?
Regain your confidence?
Overcome an addiction?

Have you suffered
Sexual or emotional abuse?
Physical complaints or allergies
that will not clear up? 

       Then I can help you!
        Please contact me on Mob. 0425 732 428

‘Your physical and emotional health is determined not so much by what happens to you as by the beliefs in your subconscious that govern your responses to those events.’ 


For the first time I decided to try hypnotherapy for a number of problems I was experiencing.
To say I’m impressed with the outcome would be an understatement. After just one session the results were outstanding.  I was completely comfortable with Brett & found him to be capable, caring, patient, understanding, sympathetic & also, most importantly for me, “experienced.”
Consequently, I would have no hesitation in recommending Brett, & wouldn’t hesitate to consult him again should the need arise.


I will work with you to help you regain control over physical symptoms, your emotional life and freedom from addictions or beliefs or habits that prevent you from having the life you want. Confidence and zest for life come from knowing you are no longer controlled by unseen factors in your subconscious mind, but  are consciously in control of your life.

In order to offer you the best individually tailored therapy possible I let your imagination work through a number of healing modalities as well as with hypnotherapy: in particular, Ego State Therapy, Past Life Therapy, Visionary Energy Healing and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

I am a clinical hypnotherapist, a member of the Australian Hypnotherapists Assoc. and a Diploma graduate in hypnotherapy from a government accredited college. As a therapist I have helped people overcome anxiety, addictions, lose weight, recover from traumatic events in their past that have impacted upon their physical and mental health, taught self healing techniques and how to deal with the stresses and strains of life thus relieving suffering from tension, IBS, CSF, insomnia, allergies, high blood pressure and other stress related illnesses.

 Read an extended Bio on the ‘About Me’ page.