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are products of thinking, lifestyle and belief.  They are the most common forms of mental suffering in our community.

You don’t have to live with either.

I have freed many clients from these conditions with DRUG FREE INTEGRATIVE HYPNOTHERAPY.

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These issues CAN BE RESOLVED with Integrative Hypnotherapy ─ for adolescents, adults and children.

   The emotion attached to the memory is diminished and transformed from a negative to a positive.

   When this is achieved, the flashbacks  and negative self-talk disappear and the memory ceases to be intrusive. Mood swings and self-harm then become a thing of the past.  More . . .


David W.

With only two sessions with Brett I’ve been able to affect more life changing and long term shifts in my belief patterns and subconscious than I have through all the sessions I’ve had over the years with other practitioners combined.

Thanks very much, Brett.

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Integrative Hypnotherapy is a unique combination of powerful techniques I have brought together after years of study, personal research and observation of best practice.  These techniques enable the cause of your problem to be rapidly located and then addressed, giving you, the client, the best possible chance of permanent resolution of your issue ─ something not possible when only the current symptoms are dealt with.

This is not traditional hypnotherapy where the sole intent is to reprogram your subconscious mind. Rather it is an exciting inner journey on which you reconnect with and integrate your own previously un-accessed strength, wisdom and resilience, and, more importantly, learn to work with your Higher Consciousness as an ally in your quest for peace and health and happiness.  Operating from this level of consciousness means you no longer experience yourself as a vulnerable personality in a difficult world, but become aware of the interconnectedness of all everything in your life and how, when you are at one with your own Self,  that interconnectedness works for you and with you, instead of against you.

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The Scope of Therapy

Integrative Hypnotherapy has broad application:

  • Recovery from trauma or abuse
  • Anxiety, both general and specific
  • Insomnia
  • Self harm
  • Resolution of anger, grievances
  • Compulsive behaviour, habits
  • Lack of confidence/self worth
  • Addictions
  • Clearing of intrusive negative energies
  • Smoking
  • Spiritual growth
  • Communication with comatose patients
  • Fears and phobias
  • Self confidence
  • Discovering your purpose in life.

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